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On Thursday night we'll be having our second annual HybridConf bowling tournament! And of course all good bowling tournaments need bowling teams. Sign up here for your team's spot in the competition.

Register your team

To register your team for the bowling competition, just fill out this form and as soon as we can we'll display your team details on this page.

Teams should have 4 or 5 members, but don't worry if you don't have that many yet, as long as you have at least 2 people you can still sign up.

You can either find more members yourself, or check our 'spaces available' box to allow other people to contact you and ask to team up. Oh, and make sure to give yourself an awesome team name!

No team yet?

If you don't have a team, just email us with the button below and we'll pop you on a list so that other people can ask you to team up.

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Your Teams

Snakes on a Lane

  • Pete Lacey
  • Kasper Andersen
  • Gustav Jonsson
  • Max Henningson
  • Daniel Griffin

I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter

  • Matthew Pennell
  • Erin Weigel
  • Jana Eickel
  • Stephan Johansen
  • Jiri Hruska

Heather and the Balls

  • Heather Noonan-Hargroves
  • Jake Giltsoff
  • Scott Riley
  • Jack Smith
  • Chad Tomkiss

The Rollin' 404

  • Cat Noone
  • Jon Gold
  • Luke Ngakane
  • Lukasz Tyrala
  • Hendrik Simon

Team Strikethrough

  • Stephanie Francis
  • Shane Moloney
  • Brian Kenny
  • Eoin Bara
  • Keisuke Oi
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What did you say about my grid?

  • Edvinas Arzatskis
  • Giedrius Jaloveckas
  • Deividas Grauzinis
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byBrick's Bowling Bandits

  • Peppe 'The Kid' Bergqvist
  • Erik 'El Loco' Stridell
  • Håkan 'Hang'em High Hank' Edling
  • Fredrik 'Crazy Fred' Schultz
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  • Amy Knight
  • Tom Judd
  • Mike Guppy
  • Dan Powell
  • Simon Neveu

Snag an Extra Player

These players have signed up to say they're free to join a team, if you'd like to team up, just contact them on Twitter.

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