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So you want to come to HybridConf. Yay! Good choice. In order to get your ticket though you might need to convince your boss that it will be valuable, so this is where we come in. Sending a colleague to a conference can be a big expense, both in terms of money and time, so it only makes sense that they want some reassurance that it will provide a good ROI. In this post we’ll run through the benefits of coming to HybridConf so that you can be armed with all the right answers when they ask you about our value.

HybridConf is different to a lot of other conferences. Rather than focusing on a specific skillset or technology, our aim is to look at the bigger picture. Our topics are relevant to your whole team — designers, developers, managers and more — and they cover those things which genuinely benefit your work every day, from better teamwork to client relationships to idea development. We want to be welcoming to everyone, no matter your skill level or job title, and for all to leave full of ideas for working smarter and more collaboratively, and with even more excitement for what they’re doing.

These are just some of the things attendees will experience at HybridConf:

1. Make important new connections

At Hybrid, we place a lot of importance on mingling. We know that conferences are not just talks, they are also places to meet those brilliant new people that might just be your next employee, colleague, freelancer, or even client — so if you’re looking to expand your team or meet those exciting future collaborators, this is a great place to do so. We make sure that we include plenty of mingling time — lunches, breaks and parties — and we provide food and drinks to encourage everyone to hang out, chat and meet new friends. We even make stickers to put on your name badge to show off what you're looking for to help spark those first conversations and break the ice.

2. Get inspired to do even better work

Talks at Hybrid are a little different. Where many conferences have talks that focus on specific practical aspects of our work, HybridConf talks tend to look more at how we work, and how we can work better. Last year our topics included advice on how to work better as a team, how to listen more to your clients, how to properly test and iterate to discover what really works, and how technology can have a really positive influence on the world. The result was that rather than simply being better informed about one specific thing, our attendees left fired up and ready to delve into improving all kinds of aspects of their work. Most of our talks are written specifically for Hybrid too, so you’ll get to hear new and unique thoughts that aren’t available at other conferences.

3. Learn from the best

We spend a lot of time hand-picking speakers that are not necessarily big names in speaking but who are not only great in their fields, but also have interesting and useful things to say, and who you don’t tend to see at European conferences very often. We believe they have something really valuable, inspirational, and different to share. One of our greatest talks last year was from a first-time speaker (who has since gone on to speak at several other conferences) whose insights on managing a UX team and understanding your clients were outstanding, and left everyone with lots to think about.

4. Get a lot for a little

It’s a big commitment coming to a conference, so we like to provide a complete package that isn’t just talks alone, but also takes care of meals, refreshments and entertainment. You get an awful lot of value for your 2 days and ticket price. Over 36 hours, you’ll get 17 great talks from international speakers; breakfast, two lunches, snacks, and coffees - all with plenty of mingling time; a friendly yet competitive bowling tournament; and an after party with music and games and other things to unwind after 2 days of intense learning. Phew! Our group discounts (see #6) make it even more of a bargain for larger teams too.

5. Come together as a team

If there are several of you that want to come, we can offer some great group discounts to companies that are looking to send 4 or more people. They’re on a sliding scale too, so the more of you that want to come, the more you can save. You could even wear matching company shirts for your bowling team (you know you want to!).

6. Take advice from one of last year’s attendees

If you aren’t yet persuaded from us alone, here is what one of last year’s attendees -Heather Noonan from Campaign Monitor had to say about it:

“Hybrid for me was simply fantastic. The openness, excitement and level of expertise from speakers and attendees alike was invigorating. Firstly, the venue choices were ingenious: 2 days at a cinema with popcorn on demand, squishy-soft seats, and a Bowling competition for the after-party!

More pertinent than the delightful venues were the huge variety of topics and discussions shedding light on both new and shared ideas: Carl Smith's recount of communication and culture within distributed teams rang true to my experiences working remotely; James Lock's Confidence is Sexy struck a chord with the ever-present devil at my side who often tells me I'm not good enough; and Cameron Moll's advice on making a difference in any way you can, were simply and tear-inducingly wonderful. These are just a few examples. Everyone was brilliant!

I actually work in customer support, so it might have seemed an odd choice of conference for me, however the camaraderie and enthusiasm for everything web and business AND human-relationship related was inspiration enough for me to get my bum on those squishy-seats! I came away with new ideas, new skills to apply to my every day goings on, a new take on what I could achieve and, most importantly, new and wonderful friends. Just perfect. I can't wait to encounter the same and more, in Sweden this year!”

If you’d like this information in a nice, boss-friendly, printable PDF, you’re in luck! You can go here to download it. The PDF also contains some extra information with an overview of the conference, examples of talks and speakers, and more so you have everything all in one place.

For more info on team discounts, email and I will sort you out with all the details you need.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Laura & Zach

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