Hybrid on a Budget

We all know that conferences can be a big financial commitment if you are paying to send yourself, especially if they are away from your hometown. You not only have to pay for your ticket, but also travel, accommodation, and food. On top of that you might be giving up precious money-earning days to attend too.

That’s why with Hybrid we’ve always strived to try and make the conference really accessible. We keep our ticket prices as low as we can so that most people have the chance to afford it, not only those who work at bigger companies with generous event budgets.

As an extra help, we’ve put together this guide on how to do Hybrid on a budget. Sweden tends to have a reputation of being expensive, and sure, some places can be, but there are also plenty of affordable choices too. With a few of these tips you should be able to put together an awesome couple of days away without wanting to cry when you look at your bank statements afterwards.

Getting Here

So first things first, how do you get here? Well, if you’re flying from London, or many other places in Europe, Norwegian are your best friend. Their flights are super reasonable (a return to the UK normally only costs me around £100, even booking late), plus they have nice planes, are great at being on time, and even have free wifi on board. They even have a reasonable in-flight magazine. They kind of win on all counts here. Despite appearances, I’m not actually an official Norwegian representative. Yet. Once you get to the airport, the cheapest way to get into town is on the Flygbussarna buses. They run really frequently, and set you back less than £10 each way.


Now you’re here, you’ll need somewhere to stay. If you want somewhere that’s simple and practical without breaking the bank, Stockholm has great hostels. They’re clean, popular, and have good facilities, and some of them are even on boats, which is pretty awesome. Depending on how much you want to save, most of them offer a range of rooms from singles up to large dorms. Airbnb is also really popular here and there are lots of places to choose from in different neighbourhoods, so that can work out as a great priced option if you have a friend or two you’d like to share with.

Getting Around

You’ll need to get from place to place, and luckily the nicest way here is free - walking. The city is really great for walkers - there are nice, wide pavements everywhere, the weather is lovely in summer, and you get fantastic views wherever you go. If you stay somewhere relatively central, it’ll be a cinch to walk from the central station to your accommodation to the main venue.

You can also use the city bikes. You pay a small amount for a 3 day pass, then you can use the bikes as often as you like for up to 3 hours at a time. There are racks of the bikes all over so it’s convenient to find one almost anywhere. For public transport, if you don’t think you will get enough value out of a 3 day or week pass, then you can just buy enough credits for a few journeys. Each time you use a credit it lasts for over an hour and includes transfers so you don’t pay more than once if for example, you take a subway and then a bus on the same journey.

Food & Drink

Over the course of a couple of days, you might want to eat something. Fortunately, we already provide a lot of your food and drink for you - during the conference you’ll get lunch both days, a breakfast, snacks, coffees and teas, and at both after parties we’ll start you off with a few free drinks. So if you’re just here for the days of the conference, you’re pretty well covered.

If you’re here other days though, your best bet to eat cheaply is to have a main meal at lunchtime. Most restaurants serve ‘dagens lunch’ every weekday. For around £7-10, you’ll get a main course, salad, bread, water and coffee. A lot of bars have happy hours too, usually called ‘afterwork’ here, and you’ll be able to pick up beers at a good price between around 4-7pm.

Free Things to Do

Lastly, you might want some things to do. For the two days of the conference, you’ll have no shortage of activities, but if you’re planning on staying longer, there are many things to do here for free. Lots of the neighbourhoods are really interesting to explore - Gamla Stan is the old town and is full of beautiful old buildings and historical sites; Södermalm is the young, hipster district with lots of great coffee shops; and Östermalm is the luxurious, expensive area with lots of high-end apartment buildings, yacht moorings and fancy boutiques for window shopping.

There are also lots of gorgeous outdoor spaces to sit and relax in. Kungsträdgården is in the centre of the city and is a popular spot for a sit down in the sunshine and an ice cream, while the island of Djurgården is home to a lot of the bigger tourist attractions, but also has a lovely, large park, and huge amounts of woodland and nature areas that can be explored.

If you buy your ticket soon, we still have a few available at £349 (+VAT), so you’ll be saving an extra £50 on a full price ticket too. We also have student tickets on sale for £199 (+VAT) too, so it’s affordable for those of you who are still studying.

We hope these tips are useful and we look forward to seeing you there!

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