HybridConf has two full days packed with talks, lunches, and mingling breaks, all topped off with a fantastic after party on both evenings. Keep reading for details on all the talks, and all the great events we have in store for you.

Wednesday 20th August 2014

Unofficial Pre-Conference Drinks at Kvarnen

Come join us for a casual pre-conference drink to kick off events! The drinks are at beer hall Kvarnen, located in the heart of Södermalm.

Thursday 21st August 2014

Registration & Breakfast

Pick up your badge and your welcome pack and enjoy a delicious breakfast and a nice cup of coffee at the same time to set you up for the day.


"We Don't Talk Anymore" by Dan Rubin

Designer, Developer, Front-end, Back-end, Male, Female — we've spent so much time inventing titles, building silos, and highlighting differences, that we seem to have forgotten what it actually means to communicate and work with each other. How can we make this better? Dan will explore this troubling issue and see if together, we can find a solution.

"Do what makes you great aka How UX changed my life" by Natasha Irizarry

UX is something that we do at work, but what happens when we apply those practices to our lives? This is the story of how I stopped being miserable and started applying UX principles to my life... and why it is working for me in my professional and personal worlds.

Coffee Break

"How to Open Source" by John O'Nolan

Practical advice and lessons learned from launching Ghost, from an overview of why open source is so exciting, to the social dynamics involved in managing open source teams.

"Starting Tictail" by Kaj Drobin

This talk hasn't quite been finalised yet but it's shaping up to be a great one! Check back soon for more details of the exciting topics we have in store for you.


Enjoy a delicious catered lunch while getting to know all your new friends.

"JavaScript and the rise of the New Virtual Machine" by Scott Hanselman

One day we woke up and things were different. Suddenly we are scripting against thousands of Virtual Machines from the command line while creating things today with JavaScript in the browser that were impossible yesterday.

"PVNCTVS CONTRA PVNCTVM" by Jay Fanelli & Nathan Peretic

If there's one thing that the web industry loves to do, it's pontificate. And if there's one thing that Jay and Nathan love to do, it's argue. Jay and Nate take opposite sides of some of our industry's favorite debates and show you that there's really no wrong way—or is it no right way?—to build a business on the internet.

Coffee Break

"A new take on Windows" by Tobias Ahlin

When was the last time you used a Windows app that felt great to use? Is that even a relevant question? Who uses Windows, anyway? Although not trendy, Windows is still the biggest desktop OS. Most apps are stuck in the old Desktop environment though, separated from Metro's new design direction. We can do better than that. This is a look at GitHub's new design language for Windows.

"Space: The Final Frontier" by Tom Soderstrom

Tom's team doesn’t just push the edge, it blows through it. How do you design something that will last for decades, yet innovate on the bleeding edge and go where no one has gone before? Can you coordinate spacecraft operations from your Smartwatch? How do you hold a NASA Spacecraft in your hand? Can you 3D print on Mars? How will we work in 2025?

Closing Speech

Bowling Tournament – Generously sponsored by Podio

Come and enjoy the second annual HybridConf bowling tournament! Form your team (custom shirts highly encouraged!), grab your ball and indulge in some friendly competition to compete for prizes, and our coveted trophies. You'll also be able to quench your thirst with a couple of free drinks. Our bowling sign up will be open soon, so keep an eye out for our announcement.

Friday 22nd August 2014


"How to Build the Right Thing" by Hampton Catlin

Why is it that some ideas work and others fail? Is there an easy answer to that question? No. But Hampton will share some of his ideas on how to find great ideas and how to exploit them. He'll talk about coming up with the idea for Sass, creating the first Wikipedia mobile site, and how with Moovweb he went after a market he never thought he'd be in!

"My Grandmother's books are neatly stored in an app" by Cat Noone

Bridging the gap between the reading experience then and now, and what it means to consume content in a digital age.

Coffee Break

Bowling Winners Announcement

"Teachings for the Archipelago" by Jonny Strömberg

An island in the archipelago and a hackathon out of the ordinary. In this talk, Jonny will share his learnings and experiences on how to break stereotypes and create a better community.

"Learning How To Tinker" by Andrew Nesbitt

Andrew talks about how learning to tinker with robots, electronics and hardware opened up a whole new world of possibility as a web developer in the maker movement.


Enjoy another delicious catered lunch and get to know those new friends even better.

"The Designtist" by Travis Schmeisser

Working through a project can leave people wondering how exactly you came about a solution even if they are there for every checkin. By treating your work as a scientific process of experimentation and trials, we - just like scientists, can give others an inside glimpse into our world and work.

"How To: Getting Started with Wearables" by Sara Chipps

This talk hasn't quite been finalised yet but it's shaping up to be a great one! Check back soon for more details of the exciting topics we have in store for you.

Fika Break

Treat yourself with a traditional Swedish fika - a break involving conversation, coffee and cake.

"Where have all the web designers gone?" by Nathan Ford

This talk hasn't quite been finalised yet but it's shaping up to be a great one! Check back soon for more details of the exciting topics we have in store for you.

"New Human Interfaces for Music" by Moldover

The proliferation of low-cost rapid-prototyping tools has put the means of fabricating professional instruments within reach of the performing musician. For those with the drive and patience to learn a little engineering, anything you can dream up, you can build. Learn about the design process for my new hybrid instruments: The Mojo controller and The Robocaster guitar.

"Lessons from the lemonade stand" by Carl Smith

Kids are better entrepreneurs than we are. They show up excited, listen to their customers and make sure everyone is happy. But something happens as they grow up. Kids lose their enthusiasm and ability to empathize. Then they become us. Super busy adults, always tired, cranky and never having enough time to do a good job. Why does this happen and how can we get that fun swagger of our youth back? The answers may delight you.

Closing Speech

After Party – Generously sponsored by Mailchimp

Let your hair down after two days of intensive learning at our epic after party on the boat Lady Patricia. Enjoy some well-earned free drinks, a fantastic musical performance by Moldover, and of course, a massive round or two of Cards Against Humanity.

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